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Current point balance: Flat broke :points:

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Adoptables, commissions etc can be payed for here as well~ Commission info is in my devID~ Donations are always appreciated, and will almost always guarantee a watch, some faves, and a llama :D

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I can't believe

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 27, 2014, 10:04 AM

That I am pining for a fucking pair of cosplay ears this badly. But they're like 85 bucks but so totally worth it. They're the most beautiful cosplay ears that I have ever seen and I want them so so so so badly

Art by Bunnyloz CSS by SERENlTY-KlTTY
  • Mood: Longing
  • Listening to: Homestuck music/music that I'm making
  • Playing: Animal Crossing New Leaf


Mystari Endris
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I think it's worth mentioning that I have absolutely no idea how to use filters on photos, so my photos are all straight from the camera.

I have long-term memory issues and if I'm inspired by a character idea and it's actually your character that I may have forgotten that I've seen, please don't yell at me. Just calmly tell me, and I will remove the adopt and refund the person if it has already been bought. Thank you~

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==> Be the weird chick

You are now the weird chick. But the weird chick must have a name, right?

Oh, right. Your name is MYSTARI ENDRIS. Your favorite colour is LAVENDER, explaining all of the purple things surrounding you. You also have a weird obsession with EASY MAC. God, you love that stuff. And also STRAWBERRIES. But not the two together. That's just a weird combo. You would also kill for anything DARK CHOCOLATE right now.

You have quite the knack for musical hobbies, such as SINGING and PLAYING THE PIANO. You are also in your local school's COLOUR GUARD, where you are a JUNIOR who really wants to be on either WEAPONLINE, but you suck at weapons. No, really. Your main goal is to be on the SABRELINE, but you will settle for RIFLELINE if it means getting you off of the goddamn FLAGLINE. You enjoy the ARTS as well, particularly PHOTOGRAPHY, DRAWING, either TRADITIONALLY or DIGITALLY, and also WRITING FICTION OF VARIOUS GENRES, which happens to be your main passion. You have recently decided, however, that you career path of choice is to be an ANIMATOR, and your dream/goal college is currently PRATT or, more realistically, ART INSTITUTE OF INDIANAPOLIS.

You don't really watch a lot of MOVIES, so you tend to be clueless whenever someone asks you about the latest films. You do, however, keep up with the latest LITERATURE. You are also a FURRY, but NOT THE WEIRD KIND. As in, you don't go dress up as furries and jack off to naked furred humans. You just enjoy the way they look so ANIMALISTIC, as you are VERY FOND OF ALL LIVING CREATURES, OTHER ANIMALS to be more specific. one thing you cannot stand, however, is SPIDERS. Those things give you the creeps. You are a PEGASISTER that prefers to be called a BRONY, and you try not to blow all of your money on the merchandise. However, you want nothing more than EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD RELATED TO RAINBOW DASH or OCTAVIA. You also have a soft spot for FLUTTERSHY, who is just the MOST ADORABLE THING EVER, and also for TWILIGHT, who is so much like you that it's uncanny. You also ship DOCTORDERPY, FLUTTERDASH, and TAVISCRATCH. Oh you ship that so hard.

You currently have a BOYFRIEND who likes to hold doors for you and cook you food sometimes. You also have a BEST FRIEND WHO LIVES AN HOUR'S DRIVE AWAY, so you don't see her that often, and you two are fading apart anyways. Besides those two, you have a KINDERGARTEN FRIEND WHO TREATS YOU AS A LITTLE SISTER, but besides him, no other real life people you could consider your true friend. You have plenty of INTERNET FRIENDS though, most of whom live too far away for you to ever meet yet are closer to you than most of your SCHOOL FRIENDS.

Your ODD MUSIC TASTE is often brought up (and subsequently made fun of) You listen to EVERY GENRE BUT SCREAMO, and that includes the otherwise-unheard of genres such as J-POP, one of your PERSONAL FAVORITES. Others you enjoy more than the rest are ALTERNATIVE, CLASSICAL, and TECHNO. God, you love techno. You are definitely a raver at heart. JAPANESE TECHNO is just that much better. The music you listen to OFTEN REFLECTS YOUR CURRENT MOOD.

Personality-wise, you've been described by the general community as PSYCHO or JUST PLAIN WEIRD, but your few close friends think you're KIND, HAPPY, LOVING, and CARING. Secretly, you have SEVERE DEPRESSION and a CODEPENDENCY ISSUE, and could not live without your friends.

Enough being the weird chick. The weird chick is too weird for your tastes. in fact, she is so weird, that you want to go back to being you immediately.

==> Be yourself.

Personal Projects:
-Update my Mage drawing with the canon Mage outfit [Not started]
-Draw everyone in my fansession in their Godtier outfits [15/16 left]
-Finish Fix Finish again Fix again my custom headphones [primer applied]
-Everything on my to-do journal
-Draw my things for PARPG

Commission prices: (I will draw almost anything asked of me, but I cannot draw horses or dragons to save my life ;A; )
Poem: 1 :points:
Short story: 2 :points:
Chapter story: up to seven chapters are 10 :points: not including prologues or epilogues, any chapters after that are 1 :points: extra.

Static pixel icon: 30 :points:
Animated pixel icon: Depends on animation difficulty, starts at 45 :points:
Static drawn icon: 12 :points:
Animated drawn icon: Depends on animation difficulty, starts at 17 :points:
Paint doodle: 5 :points:
Lineart: 50 :points:
Sketchy flat colored: 100 :points:
Clean lineart flat coloured: 175 :points:
Clean lineart cell shaded: 200 :points:
Realistic(ish) digital drawing: 300 :points:
Adding a solid colour background: add 0 :points: to the type of picture above
Adding a sceneric background: add 30 :points: to the type of picture above (warning, I suck at backgrounds)
Pixel journal doll: 70 :points:
Animated pixel journal doll: 85 :points:, can be higher depending on difficulty of animation
Ref sheets: Starts at 75 :points:, depending on how complex the ref sheet (not the character) is

Adoptables: Depends on species, usually no more than 50 :points: unless it took /forever/ to make
Custom adoptables: 7 :points: for an open species with a total of two colours, not including eye colour. Any colours above two is plus 2 :points: If it's a closed species (I currently have: Sinehdae, Aephaera) then starting at 20 :points:

Irl friends/close dA friends (shown below, in friends/love sections) may have anything besides adoptables, chapter stories over 10 chapters, or extremely detailed drawings for free, and everything that's not free, they get a discount. I'm also open for trades~

♥ Anthony :heart:
♠ I violently detest someone in real life. It's not even a sexual tension, I despise her with every fibre of my being.
♣ n/a

My best friends (in no order):

Real life:
:iconbailey27727: :iconpikachuben: :iconlonely-galaxies: :iconfieros: :iconjudoflipp: :iconpzykizoa: :iconmusicequalslife96: :iconal2beth:

Internet friends, initially met on devart or otherwise:
:iconxstarryskies: :icondesteny-love: :iconx-xanthia-beats-x: :iconsushi-booty: :iconjowishwuzhere2: :iconderpyhooves804: :iconarchserpent:

Female Brony Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist

A Place for You and ISomeday when we're older....
A place will exist for you and I.
A place were it wont matter if doors are closed or thrown open
We wont have to care if our kisses are stolen or...
If they're to be had when the moment seizes us.
The music can flow like water down a river...
And volume wont matter
--why should it? This is our place...we can play as loud as we want.
This place will be ours...
And all that will matter in this place is you and I...
Where the rest of the world can fade away...
Where the lights can be left on or off when you enter a room...
Or the sun can pour through the windows...or be kept at bay.
All we need is to continue down this road together....
What a long trying road it will be...
But I believe that together we can be strong enough to make it...
To make it to the end where this place waits..
This place for you and me...
But we are young....and your heart may change...
So for now we must continue to stumble down this path...
And hope you wont want to let go of my hand

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